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Refractive Surgery Week - Phakic IOL.

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

6. Phakic IOL!

This is an Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) - The posterior surface of the lens is concave providing a space between anterior capsule of the lens and posterior surface of the P-IOL.


-To correct myopia from -3 to -18D and astigmatism upto 5.5D.

-Thin corneas.

-Stable refraction for a year.


-ACD <2.8mm

-AC angle < grade II by gonioscopy.

-Minimum endothelial cell count (<2000 cells/mm2).

-Other lenticular or retinal changes.


-Accurate refraction.

-Keratometry and Topography.

-White to White diameter: More accurate with digital calipers than pentacam.

-AC depth.

Presence of central port in ICL:

-It is 360 microns.

-Peripheral Iridectomy (PI) not required as the port allows free flow of aqueous.

Image from Rajan Eye Care Hospital⁣

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