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Ologen Implant!

-Collagen implants can increase the efficacy of trabeculectomy without the need for antifibrotic agents like mitomycin C.


-Ologen is composed of 3-D collagen–glycosaminoglycan copolymers, which form a porous structure.

- Instead of using antifibrotic agents, the porous structure provides a scaffold for fibroblasts to grow randomly, which could reduce scar formation effectively.

- The collagen matrix itself can function like a reservoir to absorb the aqueous humor.

- Provides pressure on the scleral flap to create controlled drainage in the subconjunctival space.


- Helps to limit hypotony through a tamponading effect over the scleral flap.

- Modulates wound healing without producing thin, avascular blebs.

- Decreased surgical time.

- No special handling precautions.

- Not a teratogen like MMC.


-Thinner implant can be more difficult to place.


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