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Oil Droplets on the Cornea!

Spheroidal Degeneration!

Also called Climatic droplet keratopathy/ Actinic keratopathy/Bietti’s band-shaped nodular dystrophy/ Labrador Keratopathy.


• Increasing age.

• Exposure to UV light (Most common).

• Dry eyes.

• Malnutrition.

• Corneal trauma or microtrauma from wind, sand, low humidity and extreme temperatures.

• Occupational risk factor: Welding burns.

-Epithelium & basement membrane are affected only in advanced stages, during which the Bowman's membrane is often disrupted or absent locally.


-Diffusion of serum proteins- immunoglobulins and albumins from limbal vessels to the cornea as a result of interactions with UV light.


• Limiting sun exposure.

• The prognosis is generally good and the majority of patients do not require treatment.

• Only severe cases affecting vision need to be treated.

• Superficial keratectomy, phototherapeutic keratectomy, lamellar keratoplasty, or penetrating keratoplasty in the most severe cases.

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