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Morning Misery!*

Vernal Conjunctivitis comes under the spectrum of allergic conjunctivitis affecting young males who present with severe itching, photophobia and a characteristic ropy discharge. ⁣ Palpebral: Flat topped papillae in the upper tarsal conjunctiva arranged in a cobblestone pattern (as seen in the picture) ⁣ Bulbar: Dusky red triangular congestion of bulbar conjunctiva in palpebral area, Thickening and opacification of the limbal conjunctiva with gelatinous limbal papillae⁣ Mixed : A combination of palpebral and bulbar forms ⁣ *Buckley coined the term “morning misery” which described the active disease state of patients with severe discomfort, blepharospasm and mucous discharge leaving them incapacitated upon awakening. ⁣ Image from Rajan Eye Care Hospital⁣ #ophthalmology #ophthalmobytes #ophthal #conjunctivitis

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