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Morning Glory Anomaly!

-It is a congenital, funnel shaped excavation of the posterior fundus that incorporates the optic disk.

•Unilateral condition.

•Visual acuity 6/60 to finger counting.

•Females > males

•The disk is markedly enlarged, orange or pink in color, and it may appear to be recessed or elevated centrally within the confines of a funnel shaped peripapillary excavation.

•A wide annulus of chorioretinal pigmentary disturbance surrounds the disk within the excavation.

•A white tuft of glial tissue overlies the central portion of the disk.

•Blood vessels appear increased in number and often arise from the disk periphery, have a straight course.

•When macula is involved in the excavation it is called macular capture.


•Associated with transsphenoidal form of basal encephalocele.

•Patient with transsphenoidal encephalocele displays a characteristic malformation complex consisting of midfacial anomalies, hypertelorism, widened bitemporal diameter, depressed nasal root and V-shaped fusion line involving the upper lip.

•A transsphenoidal encephalocele may appear clinically as a pulsatile posterior nasal mass or a nasal polyp high in the nose.

•There is a risk of acquired visual loss.

•In 30%, serous RD starts in the peripapillary area and extends to the posterior pole.⁣

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