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Loss of pattern!

𝘐𝘳𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘵𝘳𝘰𝘱𝘩𝘺⁣

⁣Specific conditions:⁣ Age related⁣ ● Atrophy of both iris stroma and pigment epithelial layer occurs as a natural aging process⁣ ● Bilateral, symmetric iris stromal atrophy.⁣ ● Normal pupillary contour with increased prominence of the pigment epithelium and⁣ the pupillary sphincter- tan rings⁣ Viral Uveitis⁣ ● Chronic inflammation can lead to characteristic iris stromal atrophy⁣ ● VZV generally produces sector iris atrophy due to a vascular⁣ occlusive vasculitis, whereas HSV usually produces patchy iris atrophy⁣ Essential iris atrophy⁣ ● ICE syndrome, unilateral⁣ ● Primary defect is believed to be a cellular membrane secreted by the abnormal endothelial cells which covers the iris and the drainage angle of the eye- contraction leads to pupillary changes and formation of PAS - angle closure glaucoma⁣ ● Displaced or distorted pupil, patchy areas of iris atrophy and holes in iris.⁣ Trauma⁣ Post cataract surgery due to trauma to iris can lead to iris atrophy after many years.⁣ Pigment Dispersion Syndrome⁣ ● Pigment granules settle on iris surface⁣ ● Posterior bowing of mid peripheral iris⁣ ● Classic mid peripheral,radial slit like transillumination defects in iris best⁣ seen on retroillumination.⁣ PXF syndrome⁣ ● Particulate pigment deposition on sphincter and peripheral iris⁣ ● Moth-eaten transillumination defects occur at the sphincter⁣ Post acute congestive glaucoma⁣ ● Partial/total absence of pupillary ruff⁣ ● Sphincter atrophy⁣ ● Whorling of the iris radial pattern⁣ ● Sectoral iris atrophy⁣ Fuch’s Uveitis⁣ ● Diffuse atrophy of stroma and posterior pigment epithelium of iris.⁣ ● Determines the quality of heterochromia iridis.⁣ Albinism⁣ ● Tyrosinase-negative: Lack of melanin⁣ ● Iris is diaphanous and translucent giving rise to a ‘pink-eyed appearance’⁣ ● Tyrosinase-positive: synthesise variable amounts of melanin.⁣ ● Iris may be blue or dark-brown, variable translucency⁣ Axenfeld Rieger Syndrome⁣ ● Iris strands adherent to the posterior embryotoxon can range from fine threadlike strands to broad bands of iris tissue.⁣ ● Stroma - generalized atrophy with corectopia, ectropion uveae

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