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Congenital Limbal Dermoid & it's grading!

-Solid, benign, congenital tumour.

-Most common location: Infero-temporal limbus.

-Classified as Choristomas (contain cellular elements not normally present in that location).

-Described as elevated, yellowish-white, solid, vascularised, elevated nodules usually 2-15mm in diameter.

Gonioscopy and UBM: can tell us depth of extension of dermoid.


-Usually a cosmetic problem.

-Visual acuity is affected when they enroach into the pupillary area by tumour/ lipid infiltration that is present around the periphery.

-Irregular astigmatism - meridional amblyopia.


-Patching for amblyopia.

-Excision of dermoid.

-Penetrating keratoplasty/ Lamellar keratoplasty.

Look above to see the grading of dermoids!

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