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Boat Heme!

Subhyaloid Hemorrhage⁣

Subhyaloid hemorrhage is the accumulation of blood in the subhyaloid or retrohyaloid space i.e. between the ILM and posterior hyaloid causing a localised detachment of the vitreous from the retina.⁣

The hemorrhage is sharply demarcated because the hyaloid is attached in the region surrounding the hemorrhage.⁣

It begins as a circular shape and later becomes crescentic with a straight upper margin due to the effect of gravity giving it a boat shape.⁣

Source of blood: Retinal blood vessel capillaries ⁣

Severe vision loss if it occurs in the macular area⁣


1. Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy⁣

2. Blunt trauma⁣

3. BRVO⁣

4. Anemic/ Leukemic retinopathy⁣

5. PCV⁣

6. Valsalva retinopathy⁣

7. Retinal microaneurysm rupture⁣

8. Terson syndrome⁣

9. Wet ARMD⁣


1. ERM formation with VMT⁣

2. Retinal detachment⁣

3. Amblyopia⁣

4. Toxic effects of the long standing hemorrhage due to extended contact with hemoglobin and Iron- photoreceptor toxicity⁣


● Observation⁣

● Nd yag hyaloidotomy⁣

● Pneumatic retinopexy with or without tissue plasminogen activator⁣

● Pars plana vitrectomy⁣⁣

Image from Rajan Eye Care Hospital ⁣

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