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-Most common complication of cataract surgery.

Lens Epithelial Cells → Migration → Proliferation → Differentiation

Two types of PCO:


Abnormal proliferation of LEC → presents as wrinkles and folds on the posterior capsule site at the fusion of anterior and posterior capsules

2) PROLIFERATIVE → Elsching’s Pearls

Elsching’s Pearls result from aberrant attempts by lens cells attached to the capsule to form new lens fibres

-Normally differentiated LEC that line the equatorial lens region migrate and proliferate between posterior capsule and the IOL.

-Clusters of residual LEC appear as round, clear pearls that shine on retro-illumination → Appearance of a bunch of grapes/ soap bubbles/ mass of fish eggs.

-Decreased visual acuity if they accumulate on visual axis.


-Large clear lens cells (bladder cells) are seen behind iris, pupillary space or both areas


-Nd:YAG Laser Capsulotomy

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